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Stensholmen, Göteborg

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11 comments on “Stensholmen, Göteborg”

  1. +Mairu Nisha The boats and their colors are beautiful to me. How the shot is framed – the lines made by the docks are beautiful to me. The light in the sky and the reflections of it in the water are beautiful to me. Does that help with the confusion?  😉

  2. Mark, you explained this to me very beautifully! ! Wonderful vision! ! Thank you so much. Certainly, I am not confused at all. Just out of curiousity, I think only artist can understand other one. You must be one of 'em. Aren't you?

  3. +Mairu Nisha I'm not an artist – but I appreciate the creative process in art. It could be photography, sculpture, writing or whatever. I lack the vision of an artist. I don't have the technical ability (yet) to get my limited ideas from the view finder to a finished picture. 

    To paraphrase a judge, I can't define beauty, but I know it when I see it. 

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