Ståloppet, Mölndal

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  1. Very nice. I like the mood.

  2. Amazing shot, I love the drama it presents.

  3. Solitude and beauty wrapped in a shroud of misty mood.

  4. Soft pastel colors. Beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful moment of stillness. 🙂

  6. nice

    just like painting

  7. Beautiful photo.

  8. Beautiful, so moody 🙂

  9. Great pic,Nice defanition.


  11. absolutely beautiful….

  12. This is awesome. Nice photography…

  13. what a beauty…….

  14. -This gives off a peaceful feeling. 🙂

  15. This pic look amazing… just beautiful

  16. So soft . i like it……….

  17. Could be a painting – nicely done

  18. stunning, enlarge it, sell it to me and i'll frame it for my lr

  19. absolutely beautiful…. very zen

  20. its very beautiful

  21. that is soo beautiful

  22. thats crazy and cool!!

  23. pretty….i luv europe

  24. europe is a pretty place

  25. Great light! The view draws one in and brings memories of mystical poetry! Thank you.

  26. the fog sure's look's nice, covering the trees with the sun's reflection in the water. Nice picture.

  27. Profilbild

    aldona gruszczynska

    …very nice…

  28. Breath-taking!
    -Erick F.

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