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Långbryggan, Rättvik, Dalarna
Långbryggan vid Rättvik, Dalarna. Foto: Mikael Svensson,
Mina dagliga ögonblick, Proformat

Rättvik, Dalarna

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We have come this far. A distance impedes, Yet we share the eye To see the arts, Painted in stones. We have come together Like the horizon afar, I thank you for this; The journey we travel, The words we share, The unforeseen smiles. Together we master, A friendship, mutual, Like clouds and skies, To […]



This world, It never understands. Every move I make, Every step I take, Every breath I wake, It’s taken away. My noise is silenced. My words are void. Like a fish in a pond I hide in the open. I’m oblivious, I’m “no one”. My ideas are avoided, My being is invited; Away from reality […]