Lilleby, Torslanda

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  1. wow..strong image!

  2. herrliches Bild

  3. Oerhört vacker bild

  4. +Mikael Svensson This, sir, is a moment where you were in the right place at the right time and it was made just for you! Did you feel it? 🙂 Wonderful capture!

  5. An amazing shot +Mikael Svensson I must ask how you achieved this look?

  6. How the "out of focus" areas look depends on how the elements inside the lens has been put together, also how the aperture blades look and how many they are. Then also how close you're to the subject (Depth of field varies) and how far away the background actually is. defines some of it. tells more.

  7. Really fascinating

  8. This is freaking awesome!!!!!

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