Contemplation never got me anywhere
I am stranded on my own emotions; there
See where it left me; sitting, wishing,
Above all, I am left mostly thinking
I look up at the broad sky at night
It always leaves me without light
And as I look up on the sky, the stars
They are the past, I am left with scars
I see ourselves like these stars at dawn
Impossible, unreachable, at last gone.

Poesi av Erick Flores och foto av Mikael Svensson. Bilden fotograferades den 31 januari 2014 vid Skärhamn, Tjörn.

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7 kommentarer

  1. Lovely reflection in the water from the house. I really like this picture. It is both warm and cold.

  2. Så fantastiskt vackra naturfoton du levererar ! Tack!

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