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Lightroom Magazine #3

Featured Photographer in Lightroom Magazine #3

I det alldeles färska iPad-magasinet Lightroom Magazine som ges ut av Kelby Media Group så har jag både omslagsbild och är det aktuella numrets “Featured Photographer”. Om ni inte provat magasinet ännu så finns det ett gratisnummer att ladda hem.
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Mikael Svensson is a professional landscape photographer based in Mölndal, on the west coast of Sweden. His interest in photography started during his years working in the beautiful Swedish mountains. Mikael was fascinated by the colors, landscape and the ever-changing light. He started a new career and has never looked back.

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His love for minimalism, simplicity and graphical images has grown over the years and is hopefully showing in his images. Since he began his new career, he has illustrated four books and has become a member of The Swedish Association of Nature Photographers. You can find out more about Mikael at

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