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Standing alone was never her plan, So many years had passed her by, See how her soul slowly deteriorates, How she slowly leaves her presence. By tonight, her mother – agonizing, Her brother and sister – searching. She is immobile, unaware, hopeless; To her despair, she slowly lets go. Poesi av Erick Flores och foto […]


Dinner for two

Come and dine, Just this once Where I will see Your glistening eyes. Stay with me, Dine with me, Enjoy what was Never promised. Dine with me, Under the moonlight. Poesi av Erick Flores och foto av Mikael Svensson.


Just this time

If only you knew, I see you every day, Longing for what seems, Will never be. If only you could see, How differently, I want things to be, At least this once? I stand from a distance, Yet I feel you near, An empty space, Yet beautiful it is. Poesi av Erick Flores och foto […]


Settle down

Give a chance, Just this once! Settle down now, Like hibernating bears. Where are you off to? The light calls out? Nothing is what it seems, More than meets the eye. Come closer, Go beyond the horizon, Just don’t settle down, Where grass grows greener. Poesi av Erick Flores och foto av Mikael Svensson.


Amor de Dios

Gracias por el amor que tienes, El amor que ha sanado, El amor que me recuerda, Allí siempre Estarás! Gracias por el tiempo, El tiempo que he guardado, El tiempo que a veces solo sostuve, Allí siempre Estarás! Gracias por confiar nuevamente, El arco iris siempre me recordara El pacto anunciado a Noé Allí siempre […]



Benches gathering snow, They hibernate throughout, The white merely camouflages, They slowly become oblivious. Remember the summer days? Where the sun would shine, The warmth would embrace! The lake would glisten; Without an effort it would, Carefully throughout the blue; Snowflakes are all different, And so are the seasons of life. Poesi av Erick Flores […]


I stand beside you

Together in happiness, Ignoring the sorroundings, Even when the world is at war, I stand beside you. Words cannot destroy, Bombs can only damage Scars, far away from our hearts I stand beside you; forever. Poesi av Erick Flores och foto av Mikael Svensson.