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mars 2013


In Ice

Hallie are you okay, are you okay Hallie? The way you smile, a different complexion, You once glowed, an honest disposition, A criminal once came, and stole your heart, Ran away into the night, I can see it in art, Hallie are you okay, are you okay Hallie? You grew apart, and now can’t figure […]

Stora Amundön, Göteborg
Stora Amundön, Göteborg

Minimal Monday Wrap Up #66

Min isbild från Stora Amundön som jag fotograferade den 8 Mars i år finns med i veckans #minimalmonday samling med sk. “minimalistiska” bilder. Det är fotografen Olivier Du Tré som varje vecka väljer ut sina favoriter och pratar om dessa. Min bild omnämns 16.35 minuter in i videon, men se gärna hela – där finns […]


Another Hour

Remember the nights by the fire? You would clench my hand, The grip intensified by the hour, The nights were long, And I would pray so the days Would become ever so short, To see you again under the stars As the moon would reflect The morning on the other side, Someone, in that morning, […]