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juli 2012



Laying in bed I am constantly reminded Of the things that I will never accomplish. Repeating in my mind that I have lost The time that always travels swiftly, timely. I know it will pass again soon enough Before I am able to place the pieces; You see, they were carefully scattered. Where will this […]



The sun slowly hid, The mountains, Its secret hiding place. It betrayed me. The moon, Became my acquaintance. Cold became my new pain. The river, Became my life. The caves, Became my habitat The trees, Became an obstacle In my deteriorating life. My body slowly depleted. I saw the bright stars. At that precise moment […]


Northern Light – from dawn to dusk

[image img=’’ align=’left’ border=’true’]Höstens nya bok, Nordiskt ljus kommer även ut i en engelsk version, Northern Light – from dawn to dusk. Den går att beställa från Adlibris, Bokus eller genom att kontakta mig. Så här lyder den engelska beskrivningen av boken. Northern light – from dawn to dusk describes coastlines, forests, mountains, fields, cities […]



Walking on a lonely road I stumbled on grass, As it stood, long and steady, I waited awhile For an effortless answer, But nothing happened. I could not traverse the grass For I would damage The fragile roots that time built. I gave up the road. Poesi av Erick Flores och foto av Mikael Svensson.