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februari 2012


Settle down

Give a chance, Just this once! Settle down now, Like hibernating bears. Where are you off to? The light calls out? Nothing is what it seems, More than meets the eye. Come closer, Go beyond the horizon, Just don’t settle down, Where grass grows greener. Poesi av Erick Flores och foto av Mikael Svensson.


Amor de Dios

Gracias por el amor que tienes, El amor que ha sanado, El amor que me recuerda, Allí siempre Estarás! Gracias por el tiempo, El tiempo que he guardado, El tiempo que a veces solo sostuve, Allí siempre Estarás! Gracias por confiar nuevamente, El arco iris siempre me recordara El pacto anunciado a Noé Allí siempre […]


Black and White

Cold steps on thick ice, I hoped I didn’t catch a cold, Where water was hard as coal, And the breeze was icy cool. In plain sunset I walked, The narrow path in life, The warmth avoiding, Every visible spot alive. Yesterday I returned to the place, The ice has begun to melt, At a […]